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Alternative Vaccine Schedule

There are so many parents who are on the front lines advocating for child vaccination; until they get their own kid. You will find a parent who thinks that their child is too delicate and cannot take all the jabs, which leads to a request for spreading out, skipping the vaccines or delaying them. 

While this may seem like a logical request, many parents fail to realize that the recommended schedule has been tested over time and is deemed the safest. However, there are doctors who are creating alternative vaccine schedules to help these parents ease their concerns. But are these alternative schedules as safe?

What Is An Alternative Vaccination Schedule?


Is Aluminum In Vaccines Safe?

After oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the third most abundant element today, and the most abundant metal, making about 9% of the earth’s crust. This element is found everywhere; in the air, soil, plants and even water. While most plants are known to have low aluminum quantities, few are known as accumulators. These accumulators include some types of grasses, tea plants and orchids.

Common Uses of Aluminum

This element is used widely in food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. 

Food industry; this element is found in numerous beverages and food products such as vegetables, fruits, wine, beer, flour, seasonings, nuts, cereals, baby formulas, dairy products, and even honey. An adults ingests about 8 grams of aluminum per day Read More...

Meningitis Vaccines With and Without Aluminum

Meningitis is a disease whose causes vary widely. It is for this reason that a combination of vaccines are necessary to prevent any infection that can protect against it. It is advisable that all children go through the NHS approved vaccination schedule. You may want to talk to your general practitioner to find out whether you are up-to-date.

Meningitis Vaccinations

Here are some of the meningitis vaccinations that your child receives when you follow the approved schedule.

Men B Vaccine

Do We Really Need Hepatitis B on the first Days of Life?

Hepatitis B is one of the most contagious viral liver diseases in the world today. An cute infection can last a couple of weeks but if the HBV stays in the body for too long, it can turn into a pretty chronic infection that leads to liver cancer, liver damage or even death. This serious infection has only one prevention measure; the Hepatitis vaccine.

The Hepatitis B vaccine is not a usual part of the NHS approved vaccination schedule. The vaccine is only offered when there is a complication or one is thought to be at increased risk of hepatitis B. Read More...

When will Melanoma vaccines be ready?

Melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer

Cancer is among the main causes of death in many countries, especially in the first world, for a number of reasons. Bad living habits and exposure to harmful substances, radiation and other agents increases our chances to develop many forms of tumours and other similar disorders. Also, an aging population means that we are more likely to get chronic illnesses as well as conditions derived from the progressive wearing of our systems. Cancer results of a genetic mutation in some cells of our bodies, which happens over time and exposure to cancerygens. In other words, the longer we live and the worse our bad habits, the more likely we are to develop cancer at some point in our lives.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that happens when melanocytes, the cells on our skin that produce tanning, mutate and become a tumour. In early stages, melanoma can seem like a normal mole, but after a while it starts to change and develops and odd look. That means the tumour is growing, and it could be extending to other organs or parts of your body under your skin. Read More...

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